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[software]The Apple /// DVD Archives - Dave Ottalini
On Jan 7, 2012, Dave Ottalini, Washington Apple Pi Apple III SIG Chair, announced on the Facebook Apple /// Enthusiasts group that their Apple /// DVD, which formerly sold for $35, is now reclassified as public domain. Here’s the text of Dave’s announcement: Folks – I’d like to let you know that I’ve decided to put the old Apple /// DVD into the public domain so that the information there can be freely accessed...
Keywords: Apple III computer
Downloads: 191
[movies]Apple III, A Closer Look - Mike Maginnis
Mike Maginnis provides an overview of the Apple III and a look at all those nasty rumors about its allegedly poor design and engineering. Download the slides at http://www.kansasfest.org/downloads/ and read clarifications from the presenter at http://wp.me/pJsxq-43
Keywords: KansasFest; 2011; KFest; Mike Maginnis; Apple; Apple III; Apple ///
Downloads: 77
[texts]DTCA3DOC-080 apple 3 system diagram
DTCA3DOC-080 apple 3 system diagram
Keywords: iii; apple; craig; doc; computer; david; diagram; libris; apple iii
Downloads: 29
[texts]Apple III Documentation: Using the Original ProFile with the Apple3
Apple III Documentation: Using the Original ProFile with the Apple3
Keywords: apple; iii; interface; uolum; escape; disk; install; choose; device; profile; apple iii
Downloads: 19
[texts]DTCA3DOC-112 apple 3 death bed
DTCA3DOC-112 apple 3 death bed
Keywords: apple; deskmate; computer; scsi; software; ibm; craig; iii; commodore; equipped; death bed; iii computer; apple iii
Downloads: 32
[texts]Apple Tech Info Library - Apple II Hardware: II HW-The II Keyboard
Apple Tech Info Library - Apple II Hardware: II HW-The II Keyboard
Keywords: apple; keyboard; pin; iii; modification; wire; excluding; tech; connector; characters; apple iii
Downloads: 22
[texts]DTCA3DOC-003 data sheet apple 3 plus
DTCA3DOC-003 data sheet apple 3 plus
Keywords: apple; iii; color; datasheet; computer; sos; system; doc; craig; monochromatic; iii computer; apple iii; personal computer
Downloads: 36
[texts]DTCA3DOC-098 poem - land of orphaned families
DTCA3DOC-098 poem - land of orphaned families
Keywords: orphaned; iii; families; craig; land; apple; ruler; doc; computer; began; orphaned families; iii computer; apple iii
Downloads: 28
[texts]DTCA3DOC-231 sos designers
DTCA3DOC-231 sos designers
Keywords: apple; sos; programmers; iii; designers; computer; ptc; doc; firmware; craig; sos designers; iii computer; apple iii
Downloads: 35
[texts]DTCA3DOC-008 spec monitor 3
DTCA3DOC-008 spec monitor 3
Keywords: iii; apple; monitor; screen; horizontal; volt; ohms; doc; craig; cable; apple iii
Downloads: 37
[texts]DTCA3DOC-047 spec visicalc 3
DTCA3DOC-047 spec visicalc 3
Keywords: visicalc; apple; iii; worksheet; column; data; columns; cursor; allows; entire; iii computer; apple iii; visicalc iii
Downloads: 35
[texts]DTCA3DOC-122 profile noise problems
DTCA3DOC-122 profile noise problems
Keywords: profile; noise; static; apple; iii; problems; bearings; craig; disk; dialogs; noise problems; iii computer; apple iii
Downloads: 33
[texts]DTCA3DOC-238 apple 3 keyboard
DTCA3DOC-238 apple 3 keyboard
Keywords: iii; apple; craig; layouts; computer; doc; david; keyboard; libris; iii computer; apple iii; keyboard layouts
Downloads: 39
[texts]Apple III Business BASIC Specifications
Apple III Business BASIC Specifications
Keywords: iii; expression; apple; binary; sign; kbd; goto; functionname; ctrl; gosub; apple iii
Downloads: 51
[texts]Apple III Specifications
Apple III Specifications
Keywords: apple; monochromatic; iii; connector; sos; video; composite; specifications; colors; mhz; apple iii; composite video
Downloads: 36
[texts]DTCA3DOC-016 history little kingdom
DTCA3DOC-016 history little kingdom
Keywords: apple; iii; computer; craig; doc; software; david; ple; manuals; circuit; apple iii; iii computer; printed circuit
Downloads: 40
[texts]DTCA3DOC-104 wozniak interview 1983
DTCA3DOC-104 wozniak interview 1983
Keywords: apple; mflug; cis; kael; wozniak; woz; iii; info; steve; doc; steve wozniak; iii computer; apple iii
Downloads: 34
[texts]Apple III ProFile Hard Drive Specifications
Apple III ProFile Hard Drive Specifications
Keywords: profile; apple; interface; iii; software; megabyte; accessory; data; rotational; degrees; profile interface; interface card; apple iii
Downloads: 75
Keywords: apple; wozniak; computer; jobs; iii; woz; electronic; computers; steve; california; steve wozniak; steve jobs; apple iii; personal computers; apple computers
Downloads: 51
[texts]DTCA3DOC-243 apple 3 spec 1981
DTCA3DOC-243 apple 3 spec 1981
Keywords: iii; apple; hardware; craig; spec; connector; doc; ntsc; color; configurable; apple iii; iii computer; iii hardware; hardware spec; composite video
Downloads: 40
[texts]DTCA3DOC-108 basic - game of life
DTCA3DOC-108 basic - game of life
Keywords: perform; gosub; apple; goto; iii; basic; return; craig; computer; business basic; iii computer; apple iii; update window; reset window
Downloads: 32
[texts]DTCA3DOC-251 apple 3 spec 1980
DTCA3DOC-251 apple 3 spec 1980
Keywords: apple; iii; color; connector; bytes; emulation; ntsc; craig; video; hardware; apple iii; iii hardware; iii computer; hardware specs; composite video
Downloads: 38
[texts]DTCA3DOC-097 basic - mandelbrot set
DTCA3DOC-097 basic - mandelbrot set
Keywords: mandelbrot; color; ans; goto; subroutine; apple; program; perform; dot; return rem; maximum number; iii computer; business basic; apple iii
Downloads: 39
[texts]DTCA3DOC-163 history mac bathroom reader 1994
DTCA3DOC-163 history mac bathroom reader 1994
Keywords: apple; iii; computer; mac; craig; doc; david; bathroom; product; apple iii; iii computer; mac bathroom; bathroom reader; apple ills
Downloads: 33
[texts]DTCA3DOC-045 spec 3 oem prototype card
DTCA3DOC-045 spec 3 oem prototype card
Keywords: apple; prototyping; oem; interfaces; iii; rfi; custom; decoupling; craig; oem prototyping; prototyping card; custom interfaces; apple iii
Downloads: 31
[texts]DTCA3DOC-160 sos errors pascal
DTCA3DOC-160 sos errors pascal
Keywords: invalid; sos; file; error; errors; parameter; pascal; segment; device; codes; call errors; sos error; error codes; iii computer; apple iii
Downloads: 36
[texts]Apple III Documentation: Apple.III.Information.Analyst
Apple III Documentation: Apple.III.Information.Analyst
Keywords: apple; iii; analyst; disk; vislcalc; visicaic; system; computer; ust; yourappie; apple iii; thermal printer; apple computer; apple business; analyst system
Downloads: 39
[texts]DTCA3DOC-009 spec disk 3
DTCA3DOC-009 spec disk 3
Keywords: apple; disk; iii; expansion; computer; system; drives; storage; drive; diskette; apple iii; iii computer; expansion drives; storage capacity
Downloads: 30
[texts]DTCA3DOC-100 basic - calendar maker
DTCA3DOC-100 basic - calendar maker
Keywords: drtr; ren; dfltfl; print; goto; apple; gosub; iii; calendar; computer; business basic; iii computer; calendar maker; apple iii
Downloads: 34
[texts]DTCA3DOC-007 spec apple 3 pascal
DTCA3DOC-007 spec apple 3 pascal
Keywords: apple; pascal; iii; ucsd; program; routines; anh; system; compiled; intrinsic; apple iii; iii pascal; iii computer; software development; pascal system
Downloads: 35
[texts]Apple 3 Data Sheet A3 Plus
Apple 3 Data Sheet A3 Plus
Keywords: apple; color; system; sos; computer; monochromatic; text; iii; datasheet; emulation; personal computer; data sheet; computer technical; apple iii
Downloads: 40
[texts]DTCA3DOC-247 apple wood sculpture
DTCA3DOC-247 apple wood sculpture
Keywords: iii; apple; eckert; sculpture; computer; doc; craig; wooden; art; graphed; apple iii; iii computer; wooden sculpture; iii wooden
Downloads: 38
[texts]DTCA3DOC-044 spec apple 3 1982
DTCA3DOC-044 spec apple 3 1982
Keywords: apple; color; iii; system; computer; monochromatic; bytes; peripheral; connector; apple iii; iii computer; operating system; disk drive; computer system
Downloads: 29
[texts]Apple 3 Data Sheet A3
Apple 3 Data Sheet A3
Keywords: apple; color; sos; monochromatic; disk; iii; silentype; computer; programs; graphics; data sheet; apple iii; computer technical; expansion slots; disk drive
Downloads: 47
[texts]aplus0287-the first ten years
aplus0287-the first ten years
Keywords: apple; woz; macintosh; iniroduction; software; computers; jobs; markkula; iii; ten years; apple iii; user interfaces; apple sells
Downloads: 22
[texts]Apple Advertisement: apple111
Apple Advertisement: apple111
Keywords: apple; iii; analyst; visicalc; system; software; disk; business; tool; offers; apple iii; thermal printer; apple business; analyst system
Downloads: 64
[texts]DTCA3DOC-162 basic - exer sos 10 listing
DTCA3DOC-162 basic - exer sos 10 listing
Keywords: gosub; goto; perform; print; exersos; source; window; iii; call; source listing; iii computer; apple iii; perform geterror; perform restorescreen
Downloads: 42
[texts]corvus :: brochures :: Apple III Omninet Brochure
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.corvus :: brochures :: Apple III Omninet Brochure
Keywords: corvus; omninet; network; apple; iii; winchester; disk; systems; vus; apple iii; winchester disk; twisted pair; local area; corvus systems; corvus model
Downloads: 31
[texts]DTCA3DOC-133 text file case converter
DTCA3DOC-133 text file case converter
Keywords: file; goto; text; converter; apple; case; program; upper; converted; text file; case converter; file case; upper case; lower case; iii computer; file character; character case; apple iii
Downloads: 35
[texts]DTCA3DOC-223 repair monitor 3 exchange
DTCA3DOC-223 repair monitor 3 exchange
Keywords: monitor; backcover; spares; defective; kit; molding; cord; iii; apple; macintosh; spares kit; defective monitor; iii computer; cord molding; apple iii; apple service
Downloads: 38
[texts]DTCA3DOC-004 description apple 3 plus
DTCA3DOC-004 description apple 3 plus
Keywords: apple; iii; computer; programs; craig; doc; business; brochure; program; graphics; apple iii; iii computer; quick file; personal computer; brochure apple; apple computer; wide variety; dot matrix; cash flow
Downloads: 34
[texts]Apple III Catalog: Apple III Information Analyst (1980)(Apple)
Apple III Catalog: Apple III Information Analyst (1980)(Apple)
Keywords: apple; iii; analyst; mail; system; silentype; disk; visicalc; software; offers; apple silentype; apple business; apple iii; thermal printer; visicalc iii; direct mail; apple computer; mail list; analyst system
Downloads: 48
[texts]DTCA3DOC-005 spec apple 3 sos
DTCA3DOC-005 spec apple 3 sos
Keywords: sos; apple; system; iii; seg; device; configuration; file; sophisticated; operating; apple iii; operating system; sophisticated operating; system configuration; system calls; management system; iii computer; sos apple; iii sophisticated
Downloads: 40
[texts]DTCA3DOC-180A apple 3 sos 13 source listing
DTCA3DOC-180A apple 3 sos 13 source listing
Keywords: asciifile; src; apple; eof; phys; sos; files; modified; memmgr; iii; type eof; file type; eof phys; source listing; iii computer; format files; apple iii
Downloads: 34
[texts]DTCA3DOC-229 owners guide draft
DTCA3DOC-229 owners guide draft
Keywords: apple; iii; diskette; guide; doc; craig; disk; diskettes; device; apple iii; apple document; iii computer; disk drive; disk drives; system configuration; device drivers; boot diskettes; boot diskette
Downloads: 29
[texts]DTCA3DOC-015 history fire in valley
DTCA3DOC-015 history fire in valley
Keywords: apple; iii; computer; sander; craig; doc; software; emulation; woz; kottke; apple iii; iii computer; operating system; oolt apple; personal computer; dan kottke
Downloads: 32
[texts]DTCA3DOC-105 profile disassembly
DTCA3DOC-105 profile disassembly
Keywords: profile; drive; disk; connector; disassemble; power; apple; iii; cover; upside; disk drive; profile hard; hard drive; power supply; apple iii; iii computer
Downloads: 31
[texts]DTCA3DOC-130 apple 3 disassembler
DTCA3DOC-130 apple 3 disassembler
Keywords: hex; jsr; apple; lda; disassembler; iii; equ; mpe; lsr; bne; apple iii; iii computer; jsr savout; disassembler apple; machine language; jsr prbyte; disk access
Downloads: 34
[texts]DTCA3DOC-046 spec upic card
DTCA3DOC-046 spec upic card
Keywords: apple; parallel; interface; iii; universal; printer; strobe; data; software; universal parallel; apple iii; parallel interface; interface card; iii computer; general purpose
Downloads: 29
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 07 Number 09 - Computers and the Disabled (RESCAN)
Features p.24 Quinti-Maze [author Robert Tsuk] A three-dimensional game that may redefine for you the meaning of "lost." It placed eighth in the BYTE Game Contest. p.34 Three Dee Tee [author John Stuart] Strategy is the key word in this game designed for the TRS-80 Color Computer. It's the seventh-place winner in the BYTE Game Contest. p.54 The Epson QX-10/Valdocs System [author Gregg Williams] This new machine from Epson combines a word processor, an appointment book, an electronic mail network...
Keywords: disk; computer; apple; inquiry; data; program; ram; byte; software; personal computer; byte publications; floppy disk; disk drive; apple iii; hard disk; power supply; ibm personal; byte september
Downloads: 898
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